Saturday, August 31, 2013

C4 Thrasher

Normally I fly to any wormhole I find, to see what type it is.  If I am on the originating side (that is, not the K162) this is easy; just look it up.  But usually it is a K162.  These, you often can tell where they go by looking at their information.  If they go to highsec, lowsec, nullsec, or C6 ("deadly unknown space"), you'll know.  You won't know for certain for C1 through C5.  But you get a good hint.  A wormhole to "unknown space" goes to C1, C2, or C3.  A wormhole to "dangerous unknown space" goes to C4 or C5.

If a wormhole goes to C1-C3, I may or may not go through to see what it is.  This will depend on my mood, whether I'm hunting or looking for an exit, etc.  But if it is to C4/C5, I always go through.  I want to determine if it is a C4 system.  If it is, I will always activate all of its anoms.  Also, I often will search down and activate its sigs, too.  At least the high-signal gas sites.

"Activating" a site just means initiating a warp to it.  For non-wormholes, you'll see an intro text pop up.  You don't actually have to warp there, and I usually do not.  Cancel the warp as soon as you see the popup.

The reason I do this is to keep those sites moving.  Anomalies, once activated, last for three more downtimes and move elsewhere on the fourth.  I live in C4, and I want to get as many C4 sites in my system as I can, because they are quite lucrative.  By activating remote C4 sites, I prevent them from lingering in that system unused.  Activating them increases the income of C4 collectively.  As such, I hope y'all other C4ers will do it too.


  1. [oops, try again]

    Dude, you don't know about my guide to wormhole colours?

    You can tell what w-space class you're entering even from the K162 side by the colours that seep through.

  2. I do know your guide. Have read it and pondered the pictures. I love the subtle detail that this is. One can learn a lot just by noticing stuff.

    Evidently the subtle differences are less subtle for some people, and more subtle for others. I count myself in the latter group. I work on it sometimes: I stare at a wormhole and try to guess where it goes, before getting info. But usually I am too lazy for that. Hopping into a system for five minutes is easy, gets 100% accuracy (with proper web use), and also checks for targets and opportunities.

  3. I can understand that. I've encountered some people who still have the occasional difficulty. It's no big deal, and, as you say, it's solved by little more than jumping in to the system. I'm just checking that my 18 months of searching isn't going unnoticed.