Friday, August 9, 2013

An Attack is Planned

It's Monday.  My corpmates are back, and I have had no reply from the CEO of the Russian corp that has ninja'ed a small POS in my system.  We are plotting attack.

I don't want to use our expensive PVE ships for this.  It is unlikely we will face any fight in our initial POS-bash; but for the followup it is quite likely.  I don't want too much exposure.

So, we look at vanilla ships of various sorts in EFT.  The enemy tower is a Caldari small; this means it has 50% thermal and 25% kinetic resistance.  As such, many kinds of weapons system will not be ideal.  We decide to go with Ravens.  We are generally missile/Caldari oriented.  Ravens can use torpedoes, and these do excellent damage.  Also, the damage can be of whatever type is desired.  We will be using Nova torpedoes.  For drones we have the rare situation where Gallente are not the best: the 50% thermal resistance actually make them the worst.  Instead we will use Valkyries.

Monday night, we are lucky and get two connected systems with highsec statics.  So we end up with a connection to a system six jumps from Jita.  This makes hauling in stuff easy.  We haul out the usual stuff, some gas, some sleeper salvage, and lots of PI goods.  We haul in four shiny new Ravens, newly bought and fitted.  We also haul in enough nova torpedoes to drop a small POS several times over.  And skillbooks: nobody has Minmatar Drone Specialization (nor Amarr; we get both).  Oh, and some new POS parts.  We get the Minmatar skill training and set the time of the POS bash for Tuesday evening.  Our evening is the middle of the night in Russia, so it should be safe, we hope.

To be continued...

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