Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Minor Threat

Previously, I discovered a ninja POS in my system.  Checking it out shows that a Russian corporation owns it.  Now, I am waiting to hear from the CEO of that corp.  Maybe we can work something out.  Or I am waiting another day for a couple of my corpies to get back from RL vacation.  Then it will be a fight.

Saturday comes, and I am playing in the midday.  This is evening in Russia, so I am not too surprised, when I warp out cloaked to look at the alien POS, that there is a ship there.  I am rather surprised to see what it is: a Noctis.  No wrecks were on dscan, either in my inner system or out here.  I check the recent history of my system on staticmapper.  There have been no sleeper kills.  So, why the Noctis?  I dunno.  I sit and watch for a while but he is not doing anything.  Maybe he has just left himself logged in.  This is too boring.

I leave to go explore.  First I warp out of range of the alien POS to fire probes.  Then I search down the few sigs we have.  I find the static wormhole, warp there, and hop through.

Immediately on dscan I can see sleeper wrecks and a Tengu with Cyrillic characters in its name.  Well, OK, I guess I know what the Noctis is for.  I want to see what his modus operandus is, so start dscanning.  Some of the wrecks are out in space somewhere that I cannot get to.  But I locate other wrecks and the Tengu in an anomaly.  I warp over at 100 for a look, backing off to create a perch.  I don't intend to attack him -- that would pretty much guarantee hostility, which I don't want until necessary.  But I am curious.

It is slow going, but he finishes the site.  He warps off.  By this time I have bookmarked all of the anomalies of this type.  Will he go do another?  It appears no.  He disappears from dscan.  I keep watching.  The Noctis appears.  It salvages the site I cannot get to first.  I watch this on dscan.  I am tempted again to try to gank it, but it's not a good idea diplomatically.  So I will just watch.  It comes to do the site I am perched at.  I watch as it sucks in wrecks.  It gets down to three wrecks left and two cans of blue loot, then, strangely, it warps off.  Huh?

I dscan.  I see it briefly then it disappears.  What is going on?  Well, I am not above a bit of larceny.  This guy should be a bit more careful in my opinion.  So I warp over and steal the two cans as well as the blue loot from one wreck.  Then I cloak back up and return to my perch.

After about 5 minutes, the Noctis returns.  I still don't know what that was about: bathroom break?  Anyway, it finishes off the three remaining wrecks and warps, and disappears from dscan.  I hope he got the message: wspace is not safe.

To be continued...

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