Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Unwelcome Discovery

It's a slow Friday evening.  Several of the characters in my corp are on vacation or otherwise not around.  So, it's just me on tonight.  My market alt ice-mines in The Forge, until the ice runs out.  I look at a few market orders.  Ho, hum.

Well, what about wspace?  Maybe I can go exploring.  But first, I think I should do some PI.  There are only two signatures in my wspace system, which means that unless something weird has happened (like: someone has connected to my system, instantiated my wormhole, then popped his connection), the wormhole is closed.  So, it's a good time to do the dangerous part of PI: trooping around to all those COs moving PI goods.  This is part where you sometimes get blown up if unlucky and/or unwary.  But you do not get blown up if you are sealed off from the outside universe.

I do my PI.  Then I bring in my PI alts and do theirs, too.  Finally I log Von Keigai back in.  I'll open the static and have a look.  Maybe some exploring to finish a rather dull night off.

I warp out to the static wormhole.  As I approach, I run a dscan as I habitually do.  (Dscanning ahead means you'll be a little less shocked if you drop out of warp and there are ships at the wormhole.)  In this case I only ran the scan out of habit, but what is this?  There's a ship on scan!  Wait!  There are a tower and forcefield on scan!

Am I even in my own system?  Did I jump already and I forgot it?  Minor stroke perhaps?  Confusion.

No, I am in my system.  I arrive at the wormhole: no ships.  I dscan again to be sure; no change to that.  I am not going exploring.  Someone has invaded my system!  There is only one planet in range, and it has only three moons.  So I quickly isolate the particular moon and warp over there.  Sure enough: there's a new POS here, a small Caldari tower.  It's got no defenses at all: no hardeners or other POS parts.  Just its force field.

Hmm.  Can I kill it?  A little research shows: not really.  A small tower has 12.5 million shield hitpoints.  This one is fresh, so it might not be fully charged, but by myself I cannot do much.  Certainly not tonight, and even with the few of us I can assemble tomorrow, I don't relish the idea of multiple-hour POS bashing.  I will have to wait for some corpies to get back to assemble a decent POS-bashing force.

Since I know I am not going to act in the next couple days, I write the CEO of the owning corp politely asking him what they are doing.  A veiled ultimatum is laid: we must be friends or enemies.  Then, my mood spoiled, I log off and go to bed.

While lying there, I realize I did all my PI with an open static.

To be continued...

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