Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Sale Falls Through

So... there I am last night, exploring in lowsec, and have just found a juicy system.  Three data sites and one relic!

I receive a convo request.  Of course I accept it -- I never don't want to talk.  Curiosity always gets the better of me: who is this guy?  What's he want with me?  How did I get his attention?

I say hi and he states his reason: he has seen my system-for-sale ad at  Oh!  Well, this is great!  I've been wanting to sell a wormhole forever.  It looks like I have finally succeeded.  We negotiate price a bit: he talks me down to 320m, under my condition that we do it soon.  In fact, it turns out he wants to do it now.  Tonight.  I have another 1.5 hours before bed -- so I agree.

I log my babysitter alt, who is sitting at a safespot in the system in question.  I start scanning down sigs looking for the N346 static to nullsec.  He gets a Taggart representative into our conversation.  One of them comes in, and starts briefing us on how it will go.  I finish scanning down a wormhole with my alt -- probably the static -- and I prepare to exit.  But first I want to make sure I don't see any ships or probes (other than mine) on dscan.  I dscan.

Oh, crap.  There's a force field.  DAMMIT!  Someone has occupied "my" wspace system in the few days since I found it. Well, I cannot sell it like that.  Failure.

I tell my would-be buyer and Taggart rep, and apologize for wasting their time.  Then I fly to the wormhole anyway, since there is no point in my babysitter alt being in here any more.  Sigh.  It is ~40 jumps to Jita from here.

I think about trying to scan my way back up into wspace to get out more safely.  But while I am sure I would eventually find a way, how long it might take is unknown.  Another way out would be to abandon my cheap Heron and kill myself.  But I am rather curious to see if I can make it out through nullsec.  I've a cloak, and not much else.  Almost no skills; this alt took a week to train.  Not even a prop mod.

I start the trek.

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