Friday, July 26, 2013

Wspace for Sale

It's a short night for me.  I've been out in the real world climbing at my gym.  Let's see what wspace holds tonight.

I log in and our system is nicely trimmed.  Two days ago we smashed all the anoms and sigs, netting 900m in blue loot and salvage.  Now our system is nice and quiet, with just two sigs and four anoms.  The two sigs are a gas site already scanned down yesterday, and our static.  Two of the anoms are ore sites: bleck.  Two combat anoms have returned.  Since the wormhole is almost certainly closed, it's a good time for PI, which I have a small amount of to do.  I do that.  Now, time to roam.

I warp to the static, bookmark the wormhole, and pop into C3a.  Eight sigs, and about 20 anoms.  Hmm.  Initial dscan shows one tower without force field.  There is one planet out of range; I'll look at it in a moment.  But first I look up the system on static mapper: J235330.  OK, it has a nullsec static.  And nothing has happened here for two days.

Now I warp to the outer planet to find the expected occupants.  Will anyone be active?  Maybe I can get a kill.  But no -- no sticks here at all.  The one stick I saw initially is all there is, and it is offline.

I had better check out that one stick.  If it is fully loaded with modules, then its owners might have just let it run out of fuel, and may be back.  If it's just a stick, not.  So, I spin the dscan around and locate it near a planet with two moons.  I fly to #1, no luck.  So #2 is it.  There's the tower.  This one has a few guns still anchored near it, but nowhere near enough to make me think the owner is coming back.

Hmm.  I think this system is good enough to sell.  I have a low skill alt just for this sort of thing.  So I log him, move him in, make a safespot where he can see the whole system on dscan (handy that), and log off.  Then I go to and create an entry.  What shall I charge?

Well, that's hard.  On the minus side is the nullsec static -- that makes it difficult to get stuff in and out.  So historically wspace systems like this are in relatively low demand.  But this is now, post Odyssey.  I think nullsec statics are considerably more valuable now than they used to be, because I go out and explore in nullsec all the time.  It's a great solo moneymaker.  So I feel this system would be a good home for a small corp if they liked to explore.

I check the PI: is it any good?  Yes, it is.  You can make POS fuel and some P4s.  So, that's another thing on the positive side of the ledger.

Now I look at wormhole sales for the prices of any other similar systems.  There is just one other C3/nullsec for sale right now, for 300m.  And mine is better than his, so, 350m it is.  It's very easy to put wormholes up for sale on wormholesales, and I do it.  Here's the ad.

Anyone want to get into wspace?  Contact me.

UPDATE: the system is no longer for sale.

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