Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spanked for Stupid

I am in Artemis, exploring the local systems.  I've come to a C3 that appears empty.  I am scanning stuff down, including the nullsec exit for later exploration.  OK, done with that.  No other wormholes so I guess I have to head back.

Dscan shows there is a magnate ... somewhere.  Probably just a flash as it comes through a wormhole.  I try again and it is still there.  OK, that is strange.  No other probes are out.  Why would that be?  I look around for it.  It is at the wormhole I came through.  I warp to it at 10.  There it is, slowly orbitting the wormhole at about 5000.  That's idiotic. 

Easy kill, right?  Maybe.  Maybe trap.  This looks too good to be true.  I get the pilot info to see if it is a newb.  Not really, date is 2010.  I need eyes on the other side of the wormhole.  Don't have that.  I should probably just forget about it.  Anything could be there.

On the other hand, if I don't bite I will never know.  So, I get into position, and when the Magnate is coming at me more or less, about 5000 off, I uncloak.  I lock it and start pounding it.  I do get it warp disrupted and hit a round of missiles.  It turns and enters the wormhole.  Oh well.  I could follow but I doubt I won't catch it before it is gone.

I turn and cloak, but now there's a new ship.  Rapier.  Evidently it came across at the same time the Magnate left, or else I didn't notice its wormhole noise.  Or else it was cloaked, and just now decided to uncloak.  Anyway, this is very bad news -- the Magnate was bait.  I am cloaked, so I feel safe.  I consider what to do, and the Rapier gets close enough to uncloak me.  Oops.  Should have fled when I had the chance.  Now, late, I try to warp but the inevitable happens and it locks and disrupts me.

Gonna lose a ship I expect.  But, have to try, so I afterburn away while I hit him with missiles.  He pulls back to about 17k, outside of my range (quite nicely done, that).  I try to turn around and juke him, to get out of his disruptor range, but I don't expect it to work.

Now an entire gang comes through the wormhole, and put up a bubble.  My fate is sealed.  They deploy drones and tear into me.  Bye bye Artemis.

Boom, I'm in my pod.  I think for a moment that they might let me go or try ransom, but evidently they were all just taking the time to lock me up and disrupt or web me, so they could all share in the pod-kill.  

Lessons: don't be a chump.  If it is too good to be true, it's false.  So don't bite on something like that.  500 million ISK and 200000 skillpoints poorer.  Maybe wiser.

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