Friday, August 2, 2013

A Trek out of Null

My babysitter alt is stuck way out in nullsec, 6-8QLA.  I decide to fly back through null to Jita.  It seems like there is a good chance to get killed, seeing as my alt has few skills and a Heron that, while it can cloak, does not have a prop mod.  Any bubble camp is going to be a problem for me.

I start out.  There are bubbles wrapping the gate out of 6-8QLA.  Nobody is there, so, no problem.  I cruise through and start jumping.

Long story short: I thought it would be harder.  Null is almost completely abandoned.

In the null portion of this trip, I see a not-just-me local in five systems (out of 30).  At least one pilot is, like me, travelling (I see him going the other way).  Three are solos; there is one system somewhere in the middle with four pilots in it.  There is no bubble camp except on the very last system, BWF-ZZ, which borders lowsec.  It's got five pilots in it.  I approach the exit gate with trepidation, but it turns out to be no problem.  There are bubbles set to catch people going gate to gate, but I have made a detour through the inner system where there is no gate.  I'm out.

I can see why people talk about "farms and fields" or "sovereignty via use".  There's a lot of empty territory there.  It reminded me of flying over the American west.

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