Monday, September 2, 2013

Wspace for Sale Again

After the excitement of earlier this evening (stay tuned), I return in my Buzzard to C2a to figure out where the enemy fleet went.  We had thought they would come to our wormhole, but they did not.  Instead our scout watched the enemy drop off dscan, four at once then the last two one by one.  We figure they have gone back into the other C4 (C4b), where we'd jumped them earlier. 

So I warp over to C4b and enter the wormhole.  Dscan from hole: no sign of ships, other than that the wreck of our earlier kill is still there.  Warp to outer planet and dscan: nobody.  Hmm.  Jayne wants the salvage from the dead ship.  I warp on grid with the wreck using my bookmarks made earlier.  Hello loot! -- they did not loot it completely.  Jayne goes for it; he warps across C2 with a destroyer salvager.  He enters C4a, warps to me, salvages and loots, and we both bug out back to our system.  We get 12m in loot: a meta-3 cloak, some T2 tractors and other fittings.  I don't know why they did not take it, other than much of it is rather large.  But Tengus can carry as much as a destroyer.

The enemy are not in C2a or C4b.  Apparently they just logged off.  Oh well.  But something is nagging at me.  After a while it strikes me: I saw no towers in C4b.  I fly back over there (still nobody), and check.  Nope: no towers.  Not even a dead stick.  Also just one customs office. 

When last I tried to sell a wspace system, I was sadly thwarted.  Someone moved in during the few days I had it for sale.  I only found this out when a buyer contacted me and I started scanning out for him.  Well, it's time again.  This one will be harder to sell since it has a C5 static.  Scanning out may be a huge pain in the ass.  Still, it's a nice system for people who want to run sites in C5, so I think it is worth trying.  I'll set a low price.  And at least I expect this one is less likely to be inhabited while I try to sell it.  It's hard to find. 

Looking at comparables shows 400m is lower, so I go with that.   J150656.  Here's a look at its PI possibilities (decent, but cannot do complete POS fuel).  Here it is on staticmapper.  Here's the ad at

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