Friday, October 17, 2014

Back to Back Kills for my POS

I've mentioned before the nasty decloak trap I have at my POS.  I was at work today, and I noticed my POS got a kill.

Evidently one D. Cardinal was snooping around my POS got his Astero.  He hit my decloak trap, evidently did not notice it in time, and got killed.  The Astero dropped the Sister's Probe Launcher he had fitted, and a few other things, for 43m in loot.  He wanted that back.

So he podded back home, and he came back 20 minutes later in a Cheetah to scoop the loot.  But somehow, even knowing the trap was there, he got into it a second time.  He did scoop the loot, but he did not get away.  My tower got him a second time.  Ha ha!

I lost a Manticore the other day myself.  I saw an obvious decloak trap, a tower with warp bubbles and literally hundreds of cans anchored there.  There was no way to approach it from an unexpected direction.  But I felt that if I came in from an extreme angle away from the center of the system, and I was alert, that I could get through it.  I was wrong.  I landed on grid -- it took a long time to load, I guess because of the cans -- and I was just within a bubble.  I moved out of the bubble, away from all cans.  But before my cloak had finished its cooldown (15 seconds), I was locked and a gun hit me.  I attempted warp at that point, but it was too late.  Boom, said I.

I've never been locked up that fast before.  Did CCP change something?  I have posted a table of POS module locking times, but (see the comments) there must be some built-in grace period.  I wonder if they lowered the grace period.

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