Friday, October 10, 2014

Phoebe: Bones

CCP has a new dev blog out featuring stuff coming up in Phoebe.  There's a lot of things of moderate interest to me.  But then there is this:
Data sites get better reward balance and a variety of new items will be possible to find in these exploration sites. Data and Relic sites found in Null Security Space will also be present in wormhole Class 1-3 systems. An upcoming blog will describe the changes.
(My emphasis.)  This means for the first time there is a reason for unarmed frigates to come into wspace to seek their fortune... and also to be killed by me!  Yay!

Also, scanner window separation:
there will be separate windows for Directional Scanner, Scan Probes and Moon scanning.

Of interest to everyone: UNLIMITED SKILL QUEUE!
in Phoebe you will be able to construct and start training skill queues of unlimited time length.
Finally, not in the dev blog but via Nosy, there is a very interesting rumor:
Cloaked ship decloaking others on SISI.
I'll be testing this tonight.  If this is true, it's another godsend for me.  [UPDATE: Just tested.  Yes, two cloaked ships decloak each other.]  Imagine it: you see probes in a system you've already scanned down.  So you warp around to each wormhole sig at zero, trying to find the one the guy is scanning next.  If you uncloak, it's because the other guy warped to the sig at zero.  He uncloaks too, of course.  For me, GTFO if he's in T3; engage and destroy if covert ops.  Should be particularly fun for T3s.

First time I've been excited about a new release in a while.

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  1. They also mentioned changes to Starbase Weapons, Stealth Bombers and Heavy Interdictors. No details, but one can hope!