Wednesday, August 6, 2014


There is a new dev blog out that wspace residents will be interested in.  The next release of EVE, "Hyperion", is going to be wspace focused.
we are proposing the most significant package of improvements to wormhole space since the release of the Apocrypha expansion in 2009. 
These changes consist of:
  • Wormhole effect rebalance
  • A second static for Class 4 wormholes
  • More randomly spawning wormholes
  • Mass-based spawn distance after wormhole jumps
  • K162 appearance only on first jump
  • Loosening of bookmark copying restrictions

The devil is in the details.  But my initial read through has me favorable on most of these.  The only one I am still not sold on is the mass-based spawn distance.  It does not affect me personally much.  I am still concerned that it will mean no hunting of cloakies, and posted in their feedback to tell them that.


  1. Thank you for posting feedback.

  2. - K162 appearance only on first jump
    That will be interesting. On one hand, it will mean if you don;t use your outbound, you don't need to worry about people coming in through it. On the other hand it means you can never actually seal a wormhole as you'll not know whether there's a K162 lying in wait.

    Very very interesting.

    1. I don't think it changes much. As things are, once you pop a wormhole either it goes away entirely (from your perspective; presumably it reappears somewhere remote), or it's a static, and it gets regenerated in-system. At that point you know it has not been traversed, so you are guaranteed to be zipped up.

      It does give farmers one real advantage: they can fly to every wormhole in their system to see what types they are without instantiating the other end. Thus, if they happen to have no K162s, but only outbound wormholes, they can be fairly confident they are zipped up. Whereas, now you cannot do that for any wormhole which has the same signature strength as a K162.

      The effect of this change on hunters is very minor. Basically, it gives the hunter an extra few seconds of grace before people in the connected-to system can possibly discover that there's a new sig. (Currently, I try to get as close as possible to a wormhole, and align to it, before warping. So, perhaps 20 seconds.) This is not nothing, but it's not much.

      Back when they were first proposing this general idea, my take on it was that the K162 should remain hidden until someone traverses it and drops gate cloak. (I.e. up to an extra thirty seconds). This would give a hunter an actual advantage, namely that he'd have time to dscan the system and look at its system map to form a plan. Still nothing large, but I think significant in some circumstances. Whereas this current thing is nice but not very significant.