Tuesday, August 5, 2014

CCP has Changed Wormhole Mechanics on Sisi

Ack.  Ships appear at range to a wormhole proportionate to their mass, with capitals as far out at 40km.  But also apparently ships always appear at least 3000m away from the wormhole.  There's a minor threadnaught brimming with negativity.  A dev blog is promised.

Here is my particular concern:

It appears that every ship will always appear outside of the wormhole's decloak distance. This will make my form of hunting considerably less viable.

I hunt in wormholes. Usually I am alone, in a stealth bomber. I hunt for any kind of weak ship not in a POS, but among the most usual things I hunt (though not kill) are cloaky scouts. If a cloaky scout can always cloak safely against me, my chance of killing him is zero unless he makes a mistake or I happen to be right on top of him. Currently, there is always the incentive to go for it, on the small but real chance than he is within the wormhole's decloak distance. If he is, then I have the time to lock and can possibly kill. What usually happens is I uncloak, and I go for the lock but fail when he cloaks. This is good because I get a big thrill, and he gets a thrill. We both end up with racing hearts and feeling alive. People who feel alive keep playing.

Another thing I dislike about this is its effect on me, the hunter. It makes me safer, since currently I too can be killed if I happen to appear too close to a wormhole and someone is there hunting me. Every jump I make into a new system is a bit dangerous. Don't take that away.


  1. Deep breaths for me for right now, k?

    1. I am sure you are getting an earful. So, yeah, I am holding you in the light.

    2. Most things that change don't piss me off. But as part of a small wh corp, this just kills me. I don't mind getting blown up, or blowing up other people... but thanks for putting the word out.

  2. There were also comments stating 'think of the children' (otherwise known as small corps) as it was claimed it would be so much more 'dangerous'.

    Umm. The only groups that I can see in more danger are scattered mid sized fleets. To my mind everyone else is safer.

    I can't say no to safer but dont think i need it either

  3. Small corp here. I think you're wrong.