Wednesday, August 13, 2014


A quick note.  Via foo, I heard rumor that the dual static C4s that are coming in Hyperion were implemented on Sisi.  Since I live in a C4, and they cloned the database since I last used Sisi, this was really easy for me to check.  I logged in to Sisi and scanned down my system.

There were five sigs in my system.  I found our normal static wormhole, which is an X877 (static C4/C4), first.  Then radar, gas, radar.  I was getting skeptical of this rumor as I scanned the last sig, and it was faint.  But, sure enough, the last sig was a wormhole.  Faint, so it must be high wspace... and yes, it is an H900 (static C4/ C5). 

So, that's a data point for you C4/C4 types: you may be getting C4/C4+C5.  Of course, you may be getting some other static.  But at least if CCP does C4s the way they did C2s, it's certain.  All C2s that have a C4 static also have a highsec static.  So I think there's a fair chance that all C4/C4s will go to C4/C4+C5.

Makes me wonder what the other C4s have.  But figuring that out would be work.  I think I'll read about it.  Or I'll just wait for Hyperion.


  1. Our C4/C3 got at C5 also. I'm not sure that the tables are as consistently distributed like C2s are.

  2. There goes my theory about 1 shallow,1 deep.

    But it also give me hope about finding a double shallow hole.

  3. Our c4/c3 got a new c2 static. Just what I wanted.