Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ghostbusting: Accomplishment Unlocked

Recently I completed Hacking V and Archaeology V.  Since then, I've had a number of situations where I was cracking cans.  Level V (and the T2 parts) make a big difference.  You get 40 virus strength instead of 30, meaning you can plow through those nasty 80/10 Restoration Nodes in two clicks.  80/20 Firewalls go down fast; it's a feeling of power.  It reminds me of one of the Greaseman's old schicks: "these hands... have been touched by God!"

Again, having completed Hacking V, I have been back to ghostbusting when my wspace chain has an exit to null, and no targets I can find.  (Hunting > Ghostbusting.)   For those not aware, "ghostbusting" is basically a farming method where one traverses a long chain of systems looking for ghost sites.  This is best done in nullsec, which is largely abandoned most of the time.  You need an interdiction-nullified T3; my old fit is discussed in this post.  It's not exactly what I am using now, but the general principles discussed there apply.  Some time I will put up what I am using now.

Anyway, I had something happen the other day that I've never done before.  I found a ghost site while ghostbusting out in null, and managed to complete all four cans!  Accomplishment unlocked!
Four cans complete!

What about the loot?  In the screenie to the right is the loot.  It includes the loot from one previous ghost site, which I got just one can at.  It had a Packrat BPC and some Covert Research thingies.  But the Ascendancy and the other BPCs, and four of the stacks of Covert Research all came from one site.  Huzzah.


  1. I finally decide to max out those skills, as well. Back in the day, people always told me not to bother, that the Tech II equipment wasn't that much of an advantage, but with these ghost sites, I'll take any bonuses I can get.

    I've been running them in a Tengu, as well. Glad to hear you're getting good results. :-) Have you tried a Stratios? I *think* my Tengu fit may be better than my Stratios, but I haven't collected enough data to be sure.

    1. Stratios are nice ships, no doubt. Good bonus, good DPS. However, there is one thing they simply cannot do: ignore warp bubbles. Usually this does not matter. Most gates in null are not bubbled, and most bubbles in null are not manned. However, occasionally they are. Also, I have been hunted by nullies very rarely. But mostly I like the mindless gate-to-gate. When ghostbusting, your goal is to hit a lot of systems. You have to do that to get decent odds to find a ghost site. I have hit over 100 in a single night. When there are this many warps, you don't want to have to think about each one. Having any delay per system is a big hindrance.

  2. Excellent point! I'm doing all my stuff in high and low at the moment, but if I were venturing into null, you're totally right about fitting for bubbles.

    There are some systems where I've been hunting lately that have a TON of low level anoms nobody's cleaning out. They seem to get ghost sites pretty regularly, for some reason.