Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anomymity in Space

Here is an amusing new fitting I dreamed up.

It's a high-slot item, the Signature Disruptor.  It is passive and only one is allowed per ship.  It has low fitting requirements so that any ship can mount one.  When you have one fitted and it is enabled, you are anonymized while out in space.  In a station, there is no effect.

When you undock with a Signature Disruptor fitted, there is a special long undock sequence.  First, if in highsec a warning requiring affirmation will be prominently displayed that anonymity is frowned on and you will be chased by the police.  Next your character is removed from the station and local, as if you had logged out.  Then there is a special long undock delay for up to two minutes, where you do not display at all in local, the station, etc.  Finally you are placed in space at the undock and back into local, as per below.

When you are anonymized:
  • your name appears in local (in kspace) as "Unknown". 
  • your pilot info shows a special "Unknown" pilot.
  • you display no corporation/alliance tag.
  • your portrait is replaced with a generic anonymous one.
  • your ship name appears on others' dscans as "Anonymized".  The actual ship name is not forgotten and will be shown in stations and if the Signature Disruptor is ever taken off or disabled.
  • your security status is -10 -- you are flashy red.  Faction police will hunt you.
  • you do not gain bounties, security status, standings, etc. for killing NPCs.
  • you do not lose security status for PVP.
  • you cannot initiate PVP in highsec (including against war targets) without Concordokken.
  • locator agents cannot find you in space (they still can if you are in a station).
Be the villain.

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