Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CCP to Reduce Prereq for SDM

It appears that with Kronos, CCP will be reducing the level of Anchoring skill prerequisite to Starbase Defense Management, from Anchoring V to Anchoring IV.  Anchoring V is about 12 days training beyond IV, on a skill with Memory/Charisma; this is a steep cost for a skill which is almost never used.  And in fact, I have not trained it on any character yet, even though in the circumstance when it would have been helpful, it probably could have helped a lot.  Link due to Foo, who also has a good discussion of some implications.

This is a very welcome development.  I won't make SDM III mandatory, because that's not the style of my corp.  But I will be training SDM IV for all three of my characters that live out of my POS.

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