Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Hits

There's been a couple of really interesting posts I have run across recently, that I wanted to keep track of and think about.  Since I am writing them down anyway, you get them too.

On TMC, a really interesting article by FearlessLittleToaster on the woes of nullsec fleet fights.  The thesis is this: because of logistics, there's been an escalation race where logistics can out-rep an entire fleet.  Higher alpha is required to get any kills.  Higher alpha fleets are deployed.  Higher alpha causes the other side to escalate in ship class.  Then the process repeats.  We're getting toward the end of that, though, as there are no larger ship classes to go to.  Anyway, interesting stuff.  The author promises another article with his ideas on what to do to fix the problem.  (I will update for that.)

Since I already have proposed a partial solution, I might as well plug it.  Create an attrition mechanic that does not rely on the players, but rather, crowdedness itself.  I am guessing that FearlessLittleToaster will come up with something related to nerfing remote reps.

At The Wild Rose of Molden Heath, a fascinating recap by Kaeda Maxwell of the use of battlecruisers in EVE.  Since I know very little of EVE history, and very little about what people do in null and lowsec, this is all new to me and quite interesting.

While I am on the topic of EVE history (I just created a tag for it), I should definitely link to Sugar's series The History of Expansions.  Every one of these is worth reading for the EVE aficionado.

One other interesting thing.  It seems that CCP is planning to nerf the use of scanning boost parts, by making them active modules.  That is, they will turn on and therefore you cannot use them when cloaked.  A boon for offgrid boosters, a nerf to a lot of super-scanning ships.

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