Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Official VK Attitude About Somer Blink

I gotta ditch that zombie and put Stabs on the blogroll instead.  He's got another good read over there at Stabbed Up titled The Somer of Revolution: 4000 headless chickens can't be wrong:

because I like Eve that I don't wish to see the Eve dominated by this petulant "oh he got something I didn't" whining that the community is so addicted to.
It's destructive.
Whining about the monocle led to a crisis at CCP that saw 200 people laid off. Many companies fail to survive such turmoil, we're lucky we still have Eve after that. And why? Because "he gets to wear a monocle and I don't get one waa waa waa."
If you jumped on that bandwagon shame on you, you idiots almost killed CCP.
Fast forward to Scorpiongate. Some PR dude at CCP gave out some freebies. "Oh waa waa waa, I didn't get one, shoot the monument."
Sheeez. Big babies.
Now on to the latest controversy. Turns out that through a convoluted chain of kickbacks people who route trafffic to GTC sellers as affiliates can leverage Eve assets into real money. "Oh waa waa waa, I'm not getting any."
How about you get off your butt and inject some value into the sandbox?

Just so.  Look, there's a difference between me and Somer Blink.  Somer earns hundreds of billions of ISK parting fool willing players from their money, creates massive content (gambling) for CCP, and moves a lot of time codes.  And yeah, they RMT.  So what?  You know who else RMTs?  CCP.  You know: PLEX?  If CCP wishes to share a piece of their RMT monopoly with Somer, that's no business of mine.  At worst I might criticize it as a bad business decision, but you know what?  I don't think it is.  I think allowing a certain level of RMT is good for a game.

Parenthetically: what people need here is an understanding of why RMT is bad.  I am sure you have a theory.  But unless your theory can explain why PLEX are good, while other RMTing is bad, then it is not subtle enough to give any useful information on how to evaluate Somer's crypto-RMTing.  Perhaps you might think on that.

This whole situation could be resolved very easily by CCP.  They should announce as follows: Nothing has changed.  RMTing is still disallowed by EULA.  However, we are making a new "special top timecode partners" program that allows RMTing within parameters we set.  There is currently one STTP: Somer Blink.   If you move a million timecodes, you can join the program.  Now, stop your bitching and shut up, whiners.  HTFU.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words. Looks like CCP have taken the sensible route of outlawing kickbacks while refraining from banning anyone. Maybe now we can move on for a while.