Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Killing Kojiro

It's getting late.  Jayne and I have just gotten done sucking a bunch of gas.  First in a C5, until the sleepers came.  Then in our own system, watching the exit to C3.  Nobody ganked us so that worked out.  But Jayne sleeps, so he is off and I am on my own.  I start ice mining in the Forge, but this is just money-making.  Boring stuff.  So, I figure I will take my Manticore out for a spin.

Earlier Jayne entered our static C3 and searched it down partway -- enough to know it has too many incident wormholes for doing anything safely.  (I think he stopped after 4, with more sigs yet to go.)  So I am not expecting much.  Still, you never know.  This is EVE.  People do dumb things all the time.

I warp to the C3, and cross.  From the wormhole, nothing is visible.  But this is no surprise since it is around an outer planet.  I'll have to warp to two planets to see if there are any ships out in space.  I warp to the first one.  I dscan and... bingo!  There is no tower here.  But there is a Retriever.  Ah, the favorite prey of the stealth bomber.
The view as I warp off

Immediately I highlight the three ore sites in the system.  All are in towards the sun from me.  The Retreiver is in the first one I point my narrow-beam dscan at.  I warp to it at 10.  And... nothing?  Huh?  Did he warp?  I dscan again, and I guess I made a mistake the first time.  He's in ore anom #2, not this one.  Again I warp at 10.

I land on grid, about 70km from him.  Just sitting mining, as miners do.  I don't want to slowboat across that.  So I check the asteroid field for anything more than 150km from me... and there is nothing.  All of is in an arc, about 80 to 100 km from me.  I check the sun, and it is handily located almost directly behind me as I face the Retriever.  So I bookmark an asteroid that looks to be about 10km from the Retriever, and bounce off the sun, warping back at 20km.  I hope this will land me nice and close.

It does.  I am 10km from the Retriever.  Immediately I set an orbit and head in.  At 6000m, I uncloak and get my systems going.  No reaction.  Torps smash him, and he blows up.  Again I lock, spazzing and getting the wreck but also the pod locked up.  He does not get away, and I warp scramble and pod him according to the ancient traditions of wspace.
Take that you, uh, helpless innocent person
Why was this guy mining in a system with a C4, C3, and C5 incident?   Crazy.

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