Monday, October 14, 2013

Seen in Solitude

My PI alt is training a month of dual training, so I can mine in wspace.  So he is getting new skillpoints, and just overflowed his current clone. We ran sites tonight, so we closed off the outside universe.  But then just as we got done, and many ISKies richer, the discovery scanner alerted us to a new signature in to our home system.  It turned out to be a wormhole from C2.  A C2->C4 means a C2 system with dual statics: C4 and highsec.  We went in to hunt but nothing came of that.  Not sure why the locals opened up, if it was them.  (I saw them at a tower, sitting and then logging out.  So I think it was.)

Anyway, I took advantage of the highsec connection to go out with my alt to get a better clone.  He had to hop one system to get to a station with medical facilities.  This is what greeted him:
Rogue drones love this place
Yeah, that's a lot of anoms.  Solitude is a highsec island; evidently not too much interest in running little anoms there.

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