Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Vision Chimerical

Tonight I am ice mining in Otela.  Mostly reading a book; don't tell James 315.  But I am around to run back to the station every so often.  The ice is getting low, so I start to pay a bit more attention.  I see a big ship in the middle of the ice.  It's not an Orca.  What is it?  I look at the ship list.  Oh, it's a Chimera.  And it's in my fleet.

... what??

Yup.  Never seen a capital in highsec before, other than the one at that silly Live Event that CCP ran.  So naturally I took a picture.

The Chimera had a guy with him firing fireworks.  I remarked on the capital in fleet chat.  Eventually he started shooting me.  Pretty.

1 comment:

  1. I thought I saw a Chimera just as I was warping out yesterday. I figured I was seeing things, it was my last run, and I didn't go back to check. Cool!