Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roll, Jordan, Roll

It's later night than normal, because I have been off doing IRL stuff after work.  But Jayne is there when I log on.  I am surprised to see he has not opened the wormhole.  Jayne asks rather sheepishly where I am.  I am not sure what he is getting at, but I tell him I am in our system.  He did not see me at the tower, so he was concerned that I had logged in and he had not noticed, and then I had gone into C3a without noticing him popping the hole, and cut me off.  No, you don't see me because I logged out at a safespot in the middle of nowhere.  I really ought to do that every time.  Jayne says he has just popped out static, and it makes more sense.

We need a highsec connection, because we need to get ships in.  In particular, Ravens, which are our main PVE sleeper killers.  We are down all our PVE Ravens after last weekend's welp.  Could we move them in via lowsec?  We could; depends on how much lowsec.  But we'd really prefer highsec.  Also we have normal PI goods to go out.

So, tonight we're rolling our hole.  We are looking for a highsec connection.

I am in Artemis, my cloaky Tengu.  Since Jayne just rolled our static, I fire probes and search it down, and warp to it.  We fleet up, and I wait while Jayne warps to me.  Then I transit the hole and dscan.  Nothing interesting on scan, just a single dead tower.  Lots of sigs and anoms.  Via staticmapper, we know the C3 has a lowsec static.  Boo.  But it could be close to highsec, or there could be an incident wormhole from highsec, or from some other system that links highsec.  Also, if we are lucky we might find someone to attack.  So I fire probes and throw them out of the system.  Then I warp around to all the planets and dscan.  No towers at all other than the dead on.  I bring the probes back into the system and start searching.

Nothing interesting.  Some gas, two lowsecs, neither of which is particularly edifying.  There is a EOL wormhole; Jayne goes in to check it out anyway.  C3 with... lowsec static!  OK, let's pop it and try again.

We back out into our system, and I get our hole-popping Scorpion.  Jayne gets an alt in an Orca.  We start the hole popping process.  With two ships, it takes three passes of the Orca.  15 minutes later, we calculate the hole is just over 1/10 mass.  I send the Scorpion out heavy, destabilizing the hole to below 1/10 mass.  I bring it back heavy, and it pops.  We have a new wormhole.

I go and get Artemis again, and scan it down.  Again, in we go.  And the C3 static is.... drumroll... lowsec!  Crap.

This system is even more boring than the last: fewer sigs, and just the one lowsec wormhole.  It is six hops across lowsec to highsec, and 30 jumps to Jita.  No thanks.

And again we pop it.  Timmay and Hiljah have appeared, so I let them help out Jayne popping and scanning while I busy myself with my Jita alt buying fittings for four new Ravens.  We have all the items needed listed out in a spreadsheet, copy/pasted there from EFT.  I will be buying most of it, but some of the fittings I have squirreled away from various spaceships we have decommissioned.  So for each fitting, I have to check two different station containers, moving stuff to the "Load 1" container if I find it.  If none are already owned, or not enough, then I go on the market and buy the remaining number needed.  For a list of varying multiples of 4, of 12 different parts.  This takes a bit of time.  (Someday, CCP will automate the buying of a fit.  Oh, I long for those days.)

I am done buying Ravens.  I run out to a training station and back to buy a skillbook.  And... there's nothing left to do until I know where to pilot the freighter.  So, I stop paying attention to my alt and return to being Von in wspace.

Meanwhile, the guys have searched the static -- lowsec again -- and popped it to get a new system.  They go in, and... lowsec.  Double drat.  As always we look for wormholes and pilots.  They find no highsec and nobody to kill.  OK, one more try tonight then we give up and declare ourselves not fated to connect tonight.

I am first in to the wormhole.  I dscan, and... Cyrillic.  Russian, meaning they are probably not home.  Again we consult staticmapper and yet again it's a lowsec static.  As usual, I fire probes and throw them out of the system, while I warp around first to the inner system and then the outer.  Again, nobody is home.  I search down the system, with Timmay helping.  There are only six sigs, so this goes fast.  We find the lowsec static.  We don't find any other wormholes.

It's getting late for some of us, and this is boring.  We give up.  I would like to run a few sites but, oh yeah, we need our PVE Ravens.  Absent those we could use Tengus or Drakes, but I'd really prefer not.  So we call it a night.

I may give the impression that EVE in wspace is full of excitement, or at least that there is always something interesting to do.  If you count rolling a wormhole as interesting, then yes.  But otherwise, no.  There are occasionally nights where there is nothing happening.  That's when it's good to have an alt somewhere else, or to have a life outside of EVE.

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