Sunday, November 2, 2014

CCP to Buff Lesser Blue Loot

Via Sugar, I see that CCP is going to buff lower-end wormholes by increasing the price of the two smaller blue loot items
as of Phoebe on November 4th, NPC buy orders for Neural Network Analyzers will pay out 200,000 isk and Sleeper Data Libraries will be purchased for 500,000 isk.
(Currently the respective prices are 50000 ISK and 200000 ISK.  Prices are already rising in the hubs.)

Not coincidentally, just yesterday I was hauling some loot out from wspace and noticed that the prices of these two items were above par at Hek.  I figured it was some leftover demand from the competition, and sold my loot there feeling smug... for maybe 20% over the par price.  Ooops.  Don't do that.

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