Saturday, November 22, 2014

One Percent Moments

I was aware of EVE for years before I ever played it.  There were two things I read that really made me decide I wanted to try it.  If I recall correctly, both were comments by The Mittani, in some interview.  One of those comments was something to the effect of, 'EVE is incredibly boring 90% of the time; you're sitting watching a spinner complete a circle.  9% of the time, EVE is moderately interesting.  But then 1% of the time EVE is just insanely fun.'  (I really ought to dig that up.)

Speaking of those 1% moments, CCP made a new trailer.  It's pretty great.  It's EVE visuals mostly synthed up by CCP, with stirring music and real sound captures of players playing the game. It's these sound captures that are the focus of the video, and why it works so well. 

The game shown in the video is not the game I play for the most part; it's the nullsec fleet game.  (Hunting solo, I make no sound at all.)  Still, a lot of the fun of EVE -- a lot of those 1% moments -- are captured.  That bit at 3:20 is just how I feel when I get a kill, even a pitiful little Venture.  Yeah! yeah!! yeaaah!!!

[Update: the interview referred to above.  My memory is not 100% accurate, but close enough.]


  1. Well, it aint exclusively null stuff ya know... but I will agree, I am right unhappy with CCP for not including moar W-space gameplay...

    Bomber Bar was in null;
    Nulli in null;
    R&K was in Lowsec;
    BNI was in null;
    Test was of course, in null;
    No Holes Barred was the ONLY tagged wormhole fight…
    Wingspan TT is a solo exploration player in gods know where… but it did has a hole innit… =]
    …and they did have one miner, granted in Null… =]
    Sir Livintston (Jonnypew) was in Hisec doing Industry;
    Jeffraider was in Hisec doing an Incursus fit;
    Back to Hero Coalition in null… getting beautifully pipebombed by R&K… =]
    Some Blops in unknown then…
    Warp To Me running an Incursion in Hisec I believe…
    One last great bomb run untagged then a fast cut collage from all over…

    All in all a great video… but I was so hoping to hear the clip I sent in… a personal let down there TBH… but it’s all good.

    1. I feel ya. I bet the next time they call for audio, they get huge amount of it, because everyone will have seen this vid and want to be a part of something like it. Then maybe they can do a wormhole focused one. I dunno... I am sure a lot of the large corps have interesting coms. The problem with what I do, anyway, as I said in the OP is that almost all the time I am silent because I am playing alone. Even when my corp runs anoms together we are pretty silent, because we all know what to do and are doing it.