Monday, November 11, 2013

I Draw a Mack

It's the weekend, and I am around during the day.  Always a good time to look for people in wspace, since there is more activity in general.  And during the day Europe is still awake.

Our last static has gone away, and I have just opened the new one.  Now I hurry to get in C3a system.  Because of the new discovery scanner, time is ticking.  Anyone in the system has a big fat "someone coming" sign.  All they have to do is notice.  But I am hoping that someone won't. 

I enter the system, and dscan. There are two Macks.  Quickly as I can I move off the wormhole and bookmark it.  Then I point my dscan towards one ore anom, and then a second.  They are in the second.  It's go time.  I warp to the anom.

Things look good
As I warp in, I see one of the Macks leaving.  Does it have wind of me?  (Curse the discovery scanner.)  But then why not both?  Well, I can't worry about that.  If he sees the new sig, he sees it and will flee (or is stupid).  If he doesn't, then I have a chance.

The Mack is about 70km from me, and the asteroids are all around the same distance.  So I am going to have to bounce.  OK, where?  Well the sun is close, and it is about inline with a monster asteroid the Mack is near.  So I bookmark that asteroid, and warp to the sun at 100.  My guess is that he is about 10km from the asteroid.  So I warp back at 20km from it.

As I land on grid, I am happy to see he is still there.  I will have my shot.  Then I am slightly alarmed as I glide right onto him: 10km, 5km, 2km.  Oh well, I was planning to uncloak soon enough though not immediately.  So I uncloak and get my systems going.  Sebo, warp scrambler, torps.  And... got him.  I open up, and he is taking damage.  I orbit at 1000, hoping to kill him and quickly grab his stuff.

But he does not panic.  He deploys EC-600s, and sets them on me.  Uh oh... I am just into his armor... and I am jammed.  Crap.  OK, check dscan.  Nothing changed.  So I am going to hope and stick around.  Jam is counting down.  I am free!  I try to lock.  Lock faster!  Nope.  I am jammed again.  He is starting to rotate, so I start bumping.  Weak little bumps, but I hope they are stopping him.  Cannot tell.  Another 20s, and another jam.  I dscan; still nothing.  But it's too late.  He warps.

I quickly move off and cloak.  I want to see what they are doing.  So I get dscan going again and quickly isolate their POS on a planet with just one moon.  I fly there.  Then I warp over nearby so I can look at them.  They have two combat ships, an interceptor and a Pilgrim.  After a while, the interceptor changes to a Magnate.  Shortly, it warps off and disappears, and I see probes.  Looks like they intend to find the new signature.  I have an idea...  I warp back to my home system.

My guess is the Magnate will scan down our wormhole and perhaps it will come to visit.  We have around some special anti-frigate Tristans just for this purpose.  I figure I'll try one out.  So I reship into it, and go back to the wormhole.  I'm breaking my own rules for wormhole combat here.  It's stupid.  But I have the feeling... anyway, I get out my Warriors to decloak and apply DPS, and I buzz around the wormhole at 500.  It's all or nothing.

It's all of nothing.  I sit.  Nothing happens for a while.  Then... boomp; crackle.  It's them.  Let's see what it is.  I wait for what seems a long time.  It's holding cloak.  Perhaps planning its break for it? 

Then I see it.  It's the Pilgrim.  I am not sure exactly what it does, but it's not what I expect and so I immediately hit my GTFO warp.  At the same time, it jumps back through the wormhole.  Funny.  I guess we both spooked each other.  It probably thought I was tackle and had friends.  I have real life stuff to do so I get my Manticore and cloak in a safespot.

An hour later, I fly back to the wormhole to have another look at C3a.  But the wormhole is gone.  They popped it.

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  1. He was very lucky to jam you out 3 times in a row with those drones.