Thursday, January 1, 2015

Touring a Shattered C5

I am out exploring in my Manticore.  Perhaps I'll break a long kill drought today.  But I don't, at least not down two of the four wormholes in my home system.  So, on to the third.  I warp to my C5 static and jump.

Something about C5a is ... different.

The first indication that something is strange is the lack of POCOs on my overview.  This happens occasionally in C5 and C6 -- dreads do it -- but it is rare even there.  But there is something else on my overview that's odd: a celestial beacon.  We don't have those in wspace.  This one is called "Epicenter".

Dscan is also unusual.  The local star is a "Turbulent Blue Subgiant", which I've never seen before.

I look at the system map.  No moons!  It's a shattered system!  Let's put on our galoshes and Hawaiian shirts, and go see the sights.

First, the nearest planet.  It is shattered, all right.  And huge -- hard to screen shot.
Not so bad as Alderaan.
The anoms in the probe scanner reveal the system is unusual for a C5.  It has many normal C5 type combat anoms, but it also has C6 anoms.  Also, it has ice!  There's an ore anom "Shattered Ice Field".  Naturally, I warp over for a look.
Endless ice, or at least 355km of it.
The field is vertically aligned, and vast. It's about 400km from top to bottom. You could mine ice here all day long, if you had the miners and the guts. Would I ice-mine in wspace? In an anomoly? Uh... you've got to be kidding. (I warp back to this site later, and it does have sleeper guards: a cruiser and two frigates.)

There is also a "Shattered Debris Field", a new kind of ore anom.   It is even larger than the ice anom, being about 600km from end to end.  (It is horizontally aligned, BTW.) 
Endless ore.  Even stupider to mine.

Finally I warp over to the Epicenter, at 100km in case it's nasty.  It's a sleeper site: a sleeper cruiser and two frigates are there.  There's a lot of interesting scenery.
What is going on here?
Among the more obvious bits are wormholes, five of them.  They are called "Violent Wormholes", and don't show up on overview, so evidently not jumpable.

There are also three things that look like torches.  These turn out to be Talocan Disruption Towers, each attached to four Talocan Static Gates, and above that a Spatial Rift.
Talocan scenery.
In addition there are a bunch of Veldspar asteroids, and Talocan artifacts of various kinds.  Nothing appears to be of any value.

Now I scan down the system.  There are twenty sigs, so it takes a while.  They are all the normal sort of thing one would find in a C5 or C6.

Later on, I return to my system to open up my static C4.  I jump in and... it's another shattered system!  At first I think I somehow made a mistake and flew to C5.  But no, it's a C4 shattered system with C3 and C4 sites, an ice anomoly, etc.  What are the chances of being two for two?

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