Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Ring in Space

It's the late night, and I am exploring.  My system's static C5 connection has expired a while ago, but I've held off on opening it to get its timing aligned as I desire.  (I want it to be going EOL in two days time when my corp is planning to do PVE.)  But now it's time to open it, so I fly to the C5 that I scanned earlier.

Flying to it is all I need to do for my later purposes.  But since I am here, and in my Manticore, I might as well peek in just to see if anyone is doing anything dangerous.  I jump in.

Nothing is on scan from the wormhole.  I'm near the outermost planet, though, with no other planets in range.  So that's not surprising.  I bookmark the wormhole and proceed into the inner system -- nothing.  Then out to a second outer planet. 

For the past few months, I have been making a habit to scan for POS modules whenever there are no POSes on scan.  I started doing this one time when I found a whole set of faction POS modules at the site of an ex-POS; sadly, they were all incapacitated.  I had no means at the time to rep them up, so I left them.  (Since then I brought in a few cheap Augorors for this purpose, should it recur.)

At the second outer planet, I dscan as usual -- nothing: no ships and no towers.  Then I dscan without filter, to look for POS mods.  I see some!  They are normal POS modules, mostly ECMs worth 3-4m ISK each.  Still, there is no tower in sight.  So they must be unanchored.  I want them!

I use dscan on the local moons, of which there are 20.  But nothing can hide at a moon, and soon I find the majority of the modules -- 16 of them -- at moon 12.  There are four others at another moon.  I warp over for a look at the larger set.
Pretty, huh?  EVE is beautiful sometimes.  In this case, whoever was here made a perfect circle of ECMs, which took some work.  Then they abandoned it when they pulled the tower.  Well, their loss is my gain.

I bookmark one.  Time to grab?  No, not yet.  Grabbing these modules would take time, and right now I don't know how dangerous the system is.  I know it has no live towers, which is good.  And I have seen no ships or probes.  But how many wormholes does it have?   Time to scan.  I fire probes, then hide again as I scan.

I am in luck.  The system has only its C5 static.  So there is a good chance it is currently closed, and I am completely alone in here.

I fly back to the wormhole I came in, since that's what I know is open.  Von will watch here.  It's as safe as I can be.  Now is time to grab.

I get my alt Otto on.  He can't fly an Occator, and I am not sure I would want to risk one anyway.  He can fly Iteron Vs -- can't everyone? -- so that's what I am going with.  I try to put on a microwarpdrive, fairly sure it won't fit.  It doesn't.  But an afterburner will fit, so I go with that.  Then I warp out to the C5 wormhole, and jump.

From the wormhole, I fly straight to the POS module I earlier marked.  I scoop it, then head towards the next one and turn on my afterburner.  This speeds me from ~100m/s to 250, which is still rather slow.  It's about 15km -- a minute per module.  I figure that doing two warps and two aligns will be about the same, so I lazily don't bother.  I slowboat around half the circle, scooping as I go, and dscanning with twitchy fingers.  Nothing appears on dscan.  Also, nothing drops out of cloak and kills me.  Yay.

The second half.
Eight ECMs are 32000m^2; I hold at maximum 35000.  So I have to fly back home to dump them.  Then I return.  More scooping.  More slowness.  More paranoia that comes to nothing.

Now the second eight are scooped, and again I head back home.  Then back for the second grouping.

As I jump into the system, I have Von dscan.  And... there's probes on scan.  I check, and yes there is a new signature.   Evidently someone just connected here, and came in to scan.

Do I continue?  Well... let's check it out.  I order Otto into orbit of the wormhole at 5000m, and cloak him.  He can escape reasonably well from there through the wormhole, and is not obvious.  Von warps to the inner system to look around.

There is a Magnate on scan.  Hopes of loot are forgotten.  Kill, kill!  But I cannot locate him before he disappears.  Cloaked, probably.  Rats.

I fly out to check the planet with the POS mods: nothing. Also there are no sigs out here.  So, I feel I can get Otto out, grab, and go before the Magnate can bring any help, if he has any.  (Nobody scans in a Magnate beyond a newb anyway.)   Meanwhile I warp Von back to the inner system to keep an eye on the probes.

I warp Otto out, and scoop away.  I keep an eye on dscan, and I do see the Magnate briefly just as I am about to go.  Hi there!!  Bye now!
About 20 minutes of danger.
Otto gets out.  Von lurks a while hoping the Magnate returns, but he doesn't.


  1. Every time I read stories like this I feel as if I should go out, explore and either loot stuff people lost or just start shooting at badly defended POS-es hoping for a reaction or ransom.

    But first I need to secure some funding. Then I can afford to pvp. Only a few years more of bearing before I will do this. Gee I wonder how week old players can just afford to not care and just go out and pvp....:)

    1. I'm pretty sure it's because they don't know any better and in general it's pretty cheap. A friend of mine goes out into low sec mining in a venture, he's 2 weeks old, didn't even know there's a difference between the null/low/high.

      Not knowing any better brings a sense of security and carelessness that I envy

    2. I don’t think I have ever heard that before… ” Only a few years more of bearing before I will do this.” While I didn’t jump straight into PvP… I did jump into Anoikis at my earliest opportunity… what, 3 or 4 months ingame?

      I was told of the riches to be had, I was told to get into a Drake, the Queen of Holes (at the time)… I did so and finally heard those words I love so much… “Jump! Jump!” into the C1 owned by our Alliance and I have never once looked back.

      The ISK available in Anoikis is, well in comparison to Hisec? Staggering… the PvP? Amazing! We have something like 4 wet behind the ears real newbs in our corp now… and it’s like having a litter of puppy’s underfoot… so damn cute with the things they ask and so EAGER to get into everything!!

      And as we are easy going about throwing one more Venture out for em to go suck gas… or replacing t a Carical lost in practice… and so they are learning that (1) losses can be managed and (2) EVE is FUN!!!

      Our newest bros were stunned the first time they got a payout from JUST sucking C3 gas sites… easy 100 to 200m ISK for a few hours orbiting the gassy buhtan while on comms asking questions and listening to us as we run Sleepers in home and raid holes… or get into some PvP on a hole or in Lowsec… As we have a static low, they are all getting comfortable with lowsec and it's vagaries and lowlifes... =]

      And ALL of them are straining at the skills leash until they can get into a Carical, ‘Cane or Drake or ANYTHNG that can be kept alive in sites with Logi, or effectively fly tackle and start to learn PvP tactics and join in…

      Don’t wait man… I can guarantee you can fly and fight effectively in something right now… Last night one of our newbros kited me inna Carical, I was in an armor fit brawly Maller… and Sov showed him how to kite and he would have won. Once in armor I broke and ran for the POS and it was obvious he was trilled… a char a few weeks old and he beat a 4 yo toon… and no, I did really try to get in close enough to scram/web him down and maul him… and fight teaches you nothing if your opponent isn’t trying…

      But I did give him the range advantage to start and Sov coached as we went… much as he did for me almost 4 years ago.