Monday, September 29, 2014

Slow Times in Wspace High

These are slow times in wormhole space for this hunter.  I have been beating the bushes like crazy, but no birds have appeared. 

The new thing is that wspace is now hyper-connected.  Previous to Hyperion, a lot of our chains would look like this: C4a->C4b->C3a->ns.  Maybe a few side systems, but usually not enough to go on forever.  Then termination in known space.

With Hyperion, There are more connections everywhere, and every C4 system now gets two at least.  I routinely get more systems than I am willing to scan to.  My trees look like this:
Screenie from Tripwire
That is after only a partial night of (fruitless) searching.  I went down my K162s and into my H900, but I did not search it nor did I yet enter my X877.  In all those systems I saw probes once, and one Venture out in space that left and did not return before I could kill it.  (I might have spooked it somehow; don't know.)

Mathematically, when you increase the average connectivity of a graph from ~1 connection per node towards two, the size of connected chunks increases exponentially.  This is what has happened in wspace.  I expect that if all connections were instantiated, almost all of wspace would be in one large connected chunk.. There would still islands here and there, and of course a lot of the time connectivity is lowered because nobody is activating wormholes.  Still, from the POV of a hunter, the connectivity means you rarely have to leave wspace to find a new chain. 

The bad news?  First, I can't find anyone.  Anecdotal, but suggestive.  I see probes now and again, but I feel like the activity level of people running sites is down.  Usually I find a couple site runners per week. 

Another bit of suggestive anecdotal data is the rate at which new sites spawn.  Presumably, the set of sites in wspace is fixed and they are just kicked around from system to system when they either despace after being triggered, or despawn from being run.  I am very sensitive to the spawn rates of new anoms in my system.  Since Hyperion, the rate is about half what it used to be.  Formerly we'd get about 1 new combat anom or sig per day.  Now it is one per two days. 

I looked at prices of various wspace products, but there's no obvious trend I see.  I think it is too soon.  But I expect to see them rising.


  1. A couple of comments.

    CCP issued a teaser a little while ago saying something like more info on wh space soon, but remarkably little changes from their end.

    For new sites at home : you will have new c4 sites rather than new general wh space. It is indicative of c4 activity rather than general activity.

    Our C4 is on life support and for sale. We have kept our c1 and c2 systems for PI.

    I intend to head back to higher end wh's when I can fly certain other ships, and are prepared to go toe to toe with the c5 crowd, but until then see our c4->c5 static as a poor pve proposition, and our c4->c1 static as a poor pvp option.

    When I am hoping for a PI bear to buy our c4 (and it is still a good PI system) ... ... words escape me.

    Is there a zkillboard based site that shows pvp wh kills by wh class over time? zkillboard shows individual kills, but not over time. (or do I pull the API out and work out how?)

  2. You are right that my system samples only C4 rates. Other wspace levels will presumably be less affected. However, all levels have substantially more connections than before: more random wormholes total, and also all levels are getting a share of the new statics coming out of C4. (Of course, C4 gets all of those.)

    Another bit of anecdotal data is that you are selling your wormhole, and I have heard from at least one other C4 resident that he abandoned his. I am guessing that this is true in many C4 systems. There is a big difference between dealing with one static, and two statics. I had not really appreciated it until it happened.

    I don't know any way of finding out composite kill data for wspace any more. (It used to exist, and dotlan still has it for other areas.) I would be very interested in finding out what the trend is in wspace.