Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Max Mass Info in Wormhole Info Window

I mentioned last week that the new small wormholes have a problem, that from the K162 side you cannot know they are small without attempting to cross, which is dangerous.  I complained about that, and I think a lot of others did too.  CCP has heard us.  Wormhole info windows now show a new last line giving an indication of the maximum ship mass allowed to pass that wormhole.
Info on a X877 (C4 to C5)

Info on a H296 (C5 to C5)
I did not have time find a small wormhole, nor for that matter a C1 wormhole.  Presumably those have their own unique messages, too, according to their different mass limits.

This is a good change.  Thanks CCP.  (And probably also thanks to our CSMs.)

I'd still like to be able to identify small K162s via some other method than info.  I.e. my suggestion of giving them a different tag than K162 on their K162 side.  Or they could represent them visually differently.  If I had that, then I would not need to get info on wormholes 95% of the time.


  1. It's an improvement, but a bit of a kludge, particularly as this issue was raised in the specific small-ship wormhole feedback thread prior to Hyperion.

    Having to call up the info panel for every K162 is going to get tedious.

  2. CCP Masterplan on artwork Any art changes will inevitably require more work to come through the pipeline, compared to this text change that we did. With the new frigate-sized wormholes making K162 jumps more likely to be denied, we wanted to get this info in to the client as quickly as we could, and the Show-Info window is already set up for presenting the dynamic wormhole status. I can assure you that the art team were very enthusiastic about their options when we presented this to them.

    show info for a K162 in a C1

  3. Yup, it is a kludge, and we are getting a better solution that will let us determine all the relevant information about wormholes visually. This is good.