Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Old Ghost Site

My corp moved to a new wspace system, a C4 with C4 static.  The reason for this is so that we can have lots of C4 sites to run and make lots of ISK.  We have been bi-located in wspace for a while, because we have left some characters in our old system, as we tried to sell it.  But we have liberated several of them via insurance fraud.  Tonight we run some sites in C4b.

We are a New World timezone group.  I've had several applications from people in Europe or Asia, and although they seemed like dedicated players and generally looked great, I want them to be able to play with everyone else.  Be on coms, swap small talk, work together in fleets.  So I regretfully declined those applications.  Anyway, all of that is to point out that we are playing at about 9:00PM, Eastern time.  This is 15 hours past downtime.
One of these sites is not like the others

First we seal off our home system, using the novel method of running our battleship fleet through the wormhole until it dies.  Then we start running sites.  We have staked out the static wormhole in C4b with a listening alt.

As we tear into the third Frontier Barracks, I notice something: there is a ghost site in this system!  Not only that, but its tag -- CEF -- is right towards the end of the sequence formed by the other sites.  This means that it was here at downtime, 15 hours ago.  It may have been here for over a day. 

After we get done killing Sleepers, the guys form up a few T3s to run the ghost site.  (I can't join because my main, Von, is busy selling our old system.  Nosey (my ghostbusting Tengu) does get used, though.)  Unfortunately, the guys get pretty much nothing.  Win some, lose some.  This is the second ghost site we have seen in wspace.

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