Monday, January 6, 2014

A Home Sold

After we ran sites last night, about 11:00 PM, I got a message from a prospective buyer I had for our system.  He was online and ready to go.  I had scanned out before: lowsec.  Not too bad.  So, we arranged the deal, and instead of using Taggart he decided to trust me.  Boom, I got 1.05b ISK in cash and a contracted tower to swap for the tower I was selling.  This would have been the time for a more evil person to laugh and scam them.  But that's not my MO.  The negotiation was pretty fast, about a half hour.  So then the work started.

I got them in; we all sheltered in the small POS I had put up a few days ago, after I realized I was paying way too much to keep the system looking lived-in.  They did not have an industrial, so I had to lend them my Itty V.  They got the large POS anchored.  That takes 30 min, so I occupied myself tossing out all the POS parts I was selling to them into jetcans.  Once I emptied the storage (a component assembly array), I offlined and unanchored it too.

Then I lent the Itty again, and they carried over POS fuel I gave them, and onlined the tower.  Hurrah.  Now another 30 minutes of wait.  During this time I flew my Buzzard out to highsec (6 jumps), and podded back.  Then they had one more guy to get in, so I flew out into lowsec in a shuttle.  Fortunately, C3a was asleep.

Once the tower got online, I ferried over the storage, and again lent them the Itty so they could launch it and a ship maintenance array.  Once they got these online, which took much longer than it needed to, I ferried over all the POS parts.  About 10 loads altogether; a large dickstar has a lot of parts, and most of them are 4000m^3.  I jetcanned each load, and they placed it in their storage.  This took time because you can only jetcan every so often -- three minutes, I think.

Once all the parts and fuel were transferred, I took down the small POS.  Again, a 15 minute wait while it unanchored.  Then I grabbed the few things that I had not sold (they all fit in the Itty), and left.

When I placed my home POS there seven months ago, I put it at a gas giant that is fairly centrally located.  I put it there because from that planet you can dscan all the planets except one outer planet which is 26 AU out from the rest of the system.  As it happened, the moon I placed it in has a spectacular view of the gas giant, including a lovely ring.  I recall several times doing stuff at my POS when suddenly I would notice the view and think "Oooh, pretty".

It was 2:30 AM by now, and I was more than ready to stop playing EVE and go to bed.  But before I left, I decided to get a snapshot of the planet, to remember some great times we had in this system.  This turned out to be harder than I thought.  I had already deleted the bookmark to the old tower.  I had thought that just any moon would do for an image, but I had to hunt around a bit.

Goodbye, old home.

I snapped the shot above, then went out through lowsec carrying 200m in a helpless Itty V.  Fortunately EVE is pretty dead at that hour, and I saw nobody.  I got to the station in highsec where I had stashed my Buzzard, and quit.

Sleep did not come easily.


  1. Just a quicky: you can bypass the jetcan timer by jetcanning once, the other party removing everything but one small item and then you move new items to the jetcan.

  2. You are right. I should have done that on the far end. It did not matter when throwing all the stuff out of my small POS, because I was waiting out anchor/online time. (I could have had them create cans, too, using bookmarks.)

    1. Problem is though you can't put stuff into other people's containers. Maybe corpies' but not randoms so you would have to use your own

  3. My concerns are for the guys moving into a wormhole without their own large hauler. They paid the isk, you have done your part.

    But I have seen a lot of corps who have not done their research come and go; with dead forcefield followed by broken SMA/CHA/LSAA.