Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Ghost Site in Jita

After yesterday's failure, we try again to find a way out of our new home to bring stuff in.  And this time we succeed.  Our fleet of Orcas (four of them) zips through five wspace systems unmolested.  The wormholes were destabilized by this.  It takes us a few hours to get the tower up, and there is still work to do.  But it's there, including hangar and corporate storage space.  So we can dump our Orcas contents into them.  I fly out an empty Orca with my Jita alt, and head to Jita.  One of the wormholes in the path has gone end of life. 

I realize that there is still a battleship we want to buy, and with our entrance system just four jumps from Jita, now's the time.  So, I get into one of the rookie ships we brought in to fly out in, and exit.  While I fly to Jita I am buying parts with my alt.  I arrive, trade the parts, and put together the battleship as fast as I can.  That wormhole is not getting any younger. 

I exit Jita, and warp to Sobaseki.  As I am crossing the system, I notice that there is a Guristas ghost site. 

A ghost site in Jita!  

Immediately my curiousity is piqued.  God knows how many pilots are out in space.  I can imagine 30 of them them piling in.  Or 100.  Maybe even some ganking.  I want to see it.  So I cancel the planned jump, and when I finally gliiiiide out of warp, I immediately warp to the ghost site.  Well anyway, I immediately start warping.  Battleships are not exactly immediate in terms of moving anywhere.

As I warp across the system again, I am hoping desperately that the ghost site will hold up against the Jita hordes for me to get there.  And I land on grid and...

There is nobody there.  Not a single pilot other than me.

And me with no codebreaker.  Hmm.  I point out the existence of the ghost site in local, just for fun.  Will there be a 70 pilot gold rush?  Then I fly straight up (to get out of range of the explosions when they happen), and just sit and watch.  Will any one, any one at all, get into the site before BOOM?

A minute passes.  And... red crosses.  Guristas are on the site, and trying to shoot me.  I micro jump away, and keep watching. 
Jita sheeple heed Angry Concord Guy

Boom.  Site's gone, and that's all folks.

As I warp off, I see that there was one pilot who made it.  In a destroyer, which I don't think is very wise.  And not in time, either, but nice try anyway.  Try to be faster than my battleship.

I get back in wspace without a hitch

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