Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Drive-by in Molden Heath

Our wormhole came down in Mimiror, in Molden Heath today.  To be specific, actually it is someone else's wspace system that links to Molden Heath.  Our system links to theirs.  But we routinely refer to the kspace place where our C3a links to as "where our wormhole came down".  And yeah, it's Molden Heath this time.

There are sigs in the system, so I search them down.  Two crappy gas sites, but one combat gas site.  With the semi-voluntary help of one Renee Sanguine, I run it.  I get a few modest valued skillbooks for my trouble.  Since I am in my ghostbusting ship, and Molden Heath is not a faction warfare zone, I figure I will take a run around Molden Heath and see if there are any ghost sites.  (Faction warfare zones are always full of people, so I avoid them.)

I slobber on Sugar
It turns out Molden Heath is rather well populated.  So, I don't find a single site.  As I am working around the ring, I notice that I am going to go through Bosena.  This is where Sugar Kyle has her Cougar store.  (What the "cougar" is about, I don't know.  That's what she calls it.)  So I wonder if I might see her in space.  She's American.  I think.  Actually I have no idea other than that she went to EVE Vegas.  I think.  Which seems rather American.  If she is American, she might be on playing at about the same time as me.

Anyway, she's not in Bosena.  But then, as I am headed through Half, I see her!

There's no ghost site here, so I am just warping across the system.  I can't hold a conversation.  And she doesn't know me from Adam anyway.  But I spew some fanboi praise in local, then jump onward.  She sends me mail: ":)". On the way back (it's a cul-de-sac), I see her pirate-red self in a Jaguar!

Someday I will see The Mittani in local.

After getting stiffed in lowsec, I head out into Etherium Reach for more ghostbusting.  I find 5 sites out there, including a system with two ghost sites in it.
Nobody lives here, obviously
These null ghost sites are hard; not much time.  I do score a few nice things though.  I have yet to see one in wspace, by the way.  My average in null is perhaps one per 20 systems.


  1. It's called "cougar" because some butthurt guys called her a cougar (probably after being killed). "Cougar" means an old woman who want to get young boytoys.

  2. Hehe. I am American, yes.

    Gevlon is right about the Cougar definition. The person wasn't butthurt but did accuse me of chasing younger men. It became an inside joke in my social group due to my habit of not chasing men and the general perception that many female players get by on gender alone.

    We try to keep Molden Heath tidy and free of delicious signatures. Ships don't pay for themselves.

    I was buying skillbooks. Hslf is one of the systems with a School in MH. Who knew I needed drone rigging? :P

    1. I don't know if this is the origin, but I distinctly remember Sugar trolling for "dudes". :) I actually saw this live in local on one of my rare trips through Gurista's lowsec. Sadly, I didn't know who Sugar was at time (or if she was even female). Next time I will be ready. I'll have you know that I have put together a tasteful selection just for you in case our paths cross again.

  3. Hello there. I'm a new eve player and was taking a tour through null sec with every intention of getting podded (as I am upgrading my implants later tonight). Anyways, you were the only person to actually respond in chat. Unfortunately I had already started jumping and by the time I got back you were gone. You were right indeed, null sec is a lonely place. That is the end of my boring story. It made my night though.