Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hat Trick

I have not been feeling like writing, and not playing as much EVE as I have in times past.  So that's what's up with the lack of posting.  I am in the process of winding down my occupancy of the C4 I am in.  The logistics have become unfun.

But enough of that.  The thing that broke through my writing torpor today was a nice little kill.  My system had many connecting wormholes, and I wanted to get my Jita alt in with a few last PI goods to pump into my pipeline.  My system had an unusually high number of connections: its normal static C4 and C5, but also three other C5s connecting via K162s.  Thus I had been scouring nearby systems for exits in my trusty Manticore.  I found only a single lowsec exit, not near to Jita.  Oh well.  I tried.  After that I had returned home, and was just sitting around in my system, watching a wormhole just in case someone came in.   I was in the room, playing other games.  But occasionally I'd come back to sit at EVE, tweak prices on my Jita alt, and with Von check a dscan, and look at the probe scanner to see if there were any new wormholes.

At one point I returned and dscanned and what's that?  Probes!  The guy came in a different wormhole, but I figured maybe I could still ambush him at my tower's decloak trap.  So I warped back there.  I landed on grid and barely had time to rotate my camera to face the bubble, when -- bingo! -- an Astero appeared in my trap.  Astero vs bomber in most places is a win for the Astero.  But any ship on grid with me at my tower, and I will win that fight.  Go time!  

I uncloaked, and got all systems on, locking the unlucky Astero up.  I even hit her with a round of torps before she was evaporated by my tower's guns.  Unluckily for her, her pod was cleanly in the bubble.  So I terminated her -- the tower won't do that -- and returned her to highsec the fast way.

It turns out she was pretty new in EVE, so I opened a chat, told her about tower traps and how to avoid them, and we had a nice little chat.  She had some questions about stealth bombers.  I hope I helped.  Anyway, one question was what can one hunt in a bomber in wspace?  I listed some ships, but as a part of that I refreshed my corp's killboard at zkillboard, to remind myself of what I had killed recently.

That's when I noticed that not only had my tower killed once today, it had killed three times!  (Others are this and this.)  Yow!  My tower is a better EVE player than I am this month.

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