Wednesday, April 29, 2015

C4 for sale

As I previously mentioned, I have been in the process of wrapping up my occupancy of the C4 system, J213139, in which I have been living for the last year and a half.  It's been a good run.

J213139 is a great system for a medium sized wormhole corp.  It's got good PI, which is a great income source in wspace.  It's a pulsar system, meaning it gives a huge boost to shields and capacitor.  This makes running local sites a lot easier than normal if you are using a shield tank.  (We used several fleet comps over the years, finally settling on Rattlesnakes after they got their huge buff in summer '14.)  J213139 also has a great moon for siting a tower at, if you want to make a devilish tower trap, which I did.  I don't know, but I'd guess my tower is among the most prolific killers in wspace.  Finally, C4 systems are pretty good to hunt from, due to their dual statics.  With its C4 static, there are always at least six system within two jumps; usually there are considerably more due to incoming K162s.

Why am I leaving?  Well, in part due to gaining a second static in Hyperion.  This made it much harder to close up our system for running sites.  It would not be a problem for most corps to close an extra wormhole, but I have just a few guys.  It becomes tiresome, cutting into our already limited time in our corp nights.  On the upside, we did get access to C5s, and started running sites there.  Great ISK in that, much better than running C4s.

Another factor was my corp mates drifting away from the game.  It has been gradual, but by now I am the only one of us that is very active.  But that process started a year ago, and it did not cause any problem because I was still actively hunting every night.  I did not really realize it then, but as a side effect of hunting I was always finding enough good highsec connections reasonably close to my Jita alt, that I could keep my tower supplied all by myself.   However, over the past six months I have started to tire of hunting in wspace, so I started hunting less.  And that meant that I found fewer connections, making it hard to run in and out with supplies.  Then maintaining my tower (and hence occupancy of my system) became a chore.

When EVE becomes a chore, you should stop doing what you're doing.  It's a game and supposed to be fun.

Anyway, all that is just an explanation of why I am leaving.  I am not quitting the game, at least not now.  And therefore I am not about to abandon my tower and leave its contents for the vultures.  Rather I am trying to extract all the value from it, leaving with as much as I can.

I've been slowly moving stuff out for two months.  I took down and exported my reaction tower.  By this point my mates and I have flown out all the ships of substantial value, and we've moved out almost all of our considerable collection of crap other than a dwindling supply of PI goods.  So, we're ready to leave just about any time.  I am finishing up the PI in a few days.

If you are interested in a nice C4 system, please let me know via email, in or out of game.  (My gmail address is in the upper right of this blog.)  I want to sell, at minimum, the six POCOs we have constructed in the system.  These I will sell you at the build cost of their components.  The system location itself is free if you'll buy the POCOs.  I have a large Minmatar POS with a full complement of POS parts.  I'd be happy to sell that to you at cost.  In addition we have a Chimera and a Moros, currently with full parts on them.  These we will strip and insurance-fraud if I cannot sell them.  I will sell you either or both hulls at a cost halfway between their normal kspace value and their insurance fraud value.  The parts I will sell at Jita prices, since I can get them out.  Finally, we have an assortment of cheap ships (gas mining Ventures, a few rock miners that we barely used, Epithals and Iteron Vs).  These I'll also throw in for free if you buy the POCOs.


  1. I'm not in the market for a new hole but you should try the Eve O forum - it does a brisk trade and I've bought holes from there in the past.

    May I suggest that you consider BRAVE when you plan your future? We have a couple of dedicated wormhole corps and a programme for taking people daytripping into wormholes to run sites. (Corp details are in the sidebar of /r/brave, Dropbears, Desolate Order and Catastrophic Overview Failure are the wormhole corps).

    The appeal of Brave is that it's very social and a chance to pass on your game knowledge to other players. Not everyone's Eve goal, but I've found it has refreshed the game considerably for me.

    This afternoon I'll be teaching them how to fly a doctrine that doesn't involve anchoring on the FC. Wish me luck :)

    1. Edit: it's

  2. What's in your future, Von? I've always enjoyed reading about your exploits.


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