Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Come at me... my POS, bro.
I just finished Starbase Defense Management IV.  Yay, me.

As of Crius, CCP reduced the prerequisite for Starbase Defense Management from Anchoring V (which is a hard sell) to anchoring IV (not easy, but doable).  I had thought they were going to do it for Kronos, so I had Anchoring IV done.  And now I have my SDM done for all time.  Will I ever do level V?  Doubtful.

Now is the time to skill up all your POS defenders.


  1. I am currently training multiple accounts to SDM3-4, and even alts on a couple of accounts.

    I am also recommending that existing pilots train up even on alts, and all new recruits must have at least one SDM3 pilot.

    You want multiple gunners. 1 is good, but from personal experience not enough. By the time you Web 1 logi, neut it's pair, and start shooting with 2 guns, it is not really enough concentrated DPS.

    A second gunner effectively triples applied DPS.

    As an aside, http://localectomy.blogspot.com/2014/07/pos-nomenclature.html is worth a read. Not for the language, but because he describes :
    * Different POS setups
    * What he had difficulty shooting
    * That he is currently hunting POS

  2. Pro tip: when a hostile gang comes in, ready your finest pos gunners then light a cheap cyno just off your pos and see if anyone warps to it.