Monday, June 24, 2013

Housekeeping in Off Hours

Had a full day of EVE yesterday.  Got on a lot earlier than normal because the Boy was busy playing outside with the neighbor kids.  So I was on by myself, typical.

Lots to do: scanned down my C4 (4 anoms, 1 ore anom (bleck), four sigs (all old and previously bookmarked in corp)).  And then the neighboring C3.  The C3 has a lowsec static.  One tower with nobody home.  A lot of anoms, 20 or so, and nine sigs, mostly gas.  Last two sigs I look at are the static and also a second wormhole connecting up from another lowsec system.  In my experience, kspace people almost never come into wspace from lowsec or null: if they are there to begin with, they are not hunting wormholes.  So it looked good for later exploitation once my corpies got online.  But that was going to be a few hours.

I trigger all the gas sigs to get their sleepers coming.  Then I do real life for a while.  Coming back a bit later, I take a PVE Tengu into C3 and kill all the little sleepers in the basic gas sites.  Then I come back and salvage in a salvage Venture.  My thinking here is to set up gassing, later, if no corpmates show up tonight.  And also make a little money.  As it happened, not a single nanoribbon in salvage, so basically not worth it.

Dotlan map showing jumps in 24 hours.  Gankers like traffic.
With nothing much to do but time to play, I did some housekeeping chores.  Since I wanted some stuff from the world, and one of the lowsec exits was relatively close to Jita (12 jumps, or 9 on a more direct route through lowsec), I grabbed all the small valuable stuff we had in our loot container in my Buzzard and went for it.  1.2 billion on a tissue paper ship: exciting.  There was a huge camp at Tara, but I was going the other way so nyah.  (Went back the longer way.)  There was one thrilling moment when I drive up to the Jita gate in Niyabainen and got rejected.  Big traffic jam there.  Instead of sitting there trying to get in, with who knows what oggers cargo scanning me, I detoured to New Caldari to try again.  Still rejected, and another big jam; I flew off to Aokannitoh to one of the stations that buys blue loot, and sold it.  This lightened my load by some 600m ISK, and also allowed me to route around to Ichuki, one of the less-used Jita entrances.  I got rejected there too, a few times, but made it in pretty fast.  Whew.  

Once in Jita I traded all my stuff to my trade alt, getting back various stuff in return to go back to wspace.  In particular, wanted a pair of +3 implants for my PI alt because I have been waiting to get dual training going.  (Was on a trip recently and was not sure I would be able to play at all, so I had delayed turning on dual training for both my accounts.)  Also wanted a set of implants for myself: a cheap optimization for heavy missile damage as is appropriate for someone who expends most of his firepower in a PVE Tengu.  Grabbed this stuff and headed back.  This went without incident, so I logged off to log my PI alt.  Fussed with EVEMon to get a skill plan ready.  Got the new implants in and dual training started.

Then relogged my main and sat around at my POS, while I started selling things and buying things with my trade alt in Jita.  Gotta decide for each type of object whether to sell to a buy order or do a sell order.  Then there was a whole list of new stuff to buy for the wspace POS: new ships (the new Navy Scorpions with the newly buffed cruise missiles are great value for the money); the fitting for the scorps; more heavy missiles; some new Iteron Vs.  All in all a billion in new hulls and a half billion in new fittings and missiles.

About this time it is getting close to time for me to fire up the grill out in real life, and start cooking dinner.  Just as I am getting ready to leave the computer, I notice something odd: there's a new sig in my system.  I hit the dscan and, uh oh.  Sleeper wrecks.  Wait, am I in my own system?  Yeah... scroll down... Tengus.  Lots of 'em.  And two Drakes, too.  Well.  Seems we have visitors...

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