Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Routine Exploration

I have a routine of exploration these days.  My base is in Poinen (planet 5 moon 12), in the Forge.  Poinen has the nice property of being in the center of a constellation that is highly connected.  All of the systems in the constellation except for one (Olo) are directly connected to Poinen, but they also all connect to each other.  Thus, I can explore while staying close to my base in case I want to reship.  I leave my base, scan Poinen and hit sites in my exploration Tengu.  Radars get hacked.  Gurista signature sites get run, except for the Lookout (which allows in nothing larger than a destroyer).  I enter all wormholes that I find leading to wspace just to have a look.  Sometimes you can see ships from the wormhole, or even at it.  I bookmark all crap sites (drones, mags, rocks), wormholes, and Lookouts.  Occasionally I run an anomaly.

Then I go to Otela, Josameta, Liekuri, and Obanen and do the same.  All of these systems are one hop from Poinen, so that if I find anything in any of them that requires a different ship, I can hop over and reship quite quickly.  These days, I reship only for PVP (if I find someone in wspace), or occasionally to get my Worm for a Gurista Lookout.

If I have time, I can also hit Olo and Nomaa.

Once I have done a circuit, assuming I have found wormholes but not fully explored the systems lying beyond, I return to Poinen and reship into my PVP Tengu.  Then I redo the circuit, wormholes only.  Each one, I pop into wspace to see if anything is happening, and to look at the full system if I have not done that already.  Occasionally you see something interesting.

If I finish that, then I go back for another run of the circuit, exploring in my PVE Tengu.  The earlier bookmarks make this pass go a lot faster.

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